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March 01, 2007


William Moser

Ah clearly you are a Daily Reckoning fan; haven't read it in awhile. Just ran across copy from 11/95 for Dan Denning's "Strategic Investing" newsletter that "we're on the precipice..." and the R/E plunge would wipe-out billions or even trillions of $'s. Well things have slowed down and there are more properties staying on the market but it doesn't seem exactly catastrophic here in CA. Seems like prices haven't come down much at all.

Kyosaki(sp?) predicts a R/E apocolypse in 2008 (boomers downsizing and dying and whatnot) but it looks like Denning was way early.

So when DO the wheels come off?


Yes, I have been following the DR for a while now. Amazingly, I had gloomy thoughts on the economy in many regards (pension funding, consumer debt levels, and all that). They fit right in my line of thought and added some more scary ideas...

Of course, now since you actually added your comment last year (!) things have changed a lot and the wheels did come off. Is the worst over? Not by far I think.

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